Chapter 16 – The Storm Arrives (Part Two)

Jack watched the sky darken. His heart raced in anticipation. He spread his hands on the cafeteria table. His sandwich was completely forgotten. Come on. Come on. Come. Come! He felt the table tremble under his fingers before he even heard the thunder. A strange elation came over him. 'Yes." The thunder grumbled again. Come … Continue reading Chapter 16 – The Storm Arrives (Part Two)

Chapter 15 – The Storm Arrives (Part One)

Lord Deama walked over to his balcony door and watched the storm roll in. The sky became as dark as night. He opened his balcony door and stepped outside. And the storm began. Elemental magic flashed in the sky. Flaming streaks. Vivid blue bolts. Bright green balls of light and air. Trails of soft black … Continue reading Chapter 15 – The Storm Arrives (Part One)